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About Us

Hi, my name is Mike Phares and I am the FCA Area Director. Being a preacher's kid, it was only natural that I would accept Christ at an early age. I grew up in church and knew all the answers in Sunday School, but it was not until my first FCA camp experience during the ninth grade that I was forced to spend time alone with God. We were instructed to go into the woods with a Bible and an open heart. Nobody there to provide direction or answer questions. Just the Holy Spirit working through a Bible that I suddenly knew very little about. It was in that uncomfortable stillness and quietness I discovered God's amazing presence; the beginning of a day filled with competitive games, spirit-stirring testimonies, and honest discussion groups led by “Men's Men” who were in love with Jesus. Three months later, my family moved to a small town in Florida where I once again felt all alone in the woods. In discouragement, I told my father that I felt like I was the only Christian on my football team. He wisely responded, “You can view it that way or you can view it like you are the first.” That was the beginning of Chipley High School's first FCA Huddle. God implanted in me a burning passion and drive to share His love, utilizing the playing field of athletics as a pulpit for 43 years. It is with that same passion I long to share God's saving grace, establish a thriving FCA Huddle on each Wiregrass campus, and help provide FCA camp opportunities for every athlete. I pray you will join me and become a part of our FCA Team.

 Hi, I am Justin Tindoll from Daleville, AL. I have a heart to see people's lives changed through Jesus Christ. As a high school athlete, I experienced first-hand the temptations, trials and despair teens are faced with today. Unfortunately, I made bad choices that led me down a path of pain, brokenness and separation from God. Through the invitation of a friend, I attended a youth conference and was GLORIOUSLY SAVED in March of 2012! I have stumbled along the way, but I can say with a smile on my face I HAVE NEVER MET A MAN LIKE JESUS! During the past 3 years that I have been on staff with FCA, I have consistently pursued Wiregrass schools to help influence them for Jesus Christ in partnership with Mike Phares, the Dothan/Wiregrass FCA Area Director. This FCA ministry experience has allowed me to minister the gospel to hurting teens and give them hope through the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am excited to continue to serve on staff with FCA and help be a role model to the teens in Southeast Alabama.