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As the leaders of FCA, we consistently watch as the Lord works in the lives of our students. Not only do we want to record what we're witnessing, but we also want to share it! We hope these stories encourage you in your faith, and stand as a testament to what the Lord is doing.

  • July's Testimony

    During our sports camp we had 33 kids give their lives to Christ! We are so thankful for our volunteers! Thanks to everyone who served the ministry in any capacity. Thank you Wired Ministries for everything you did as well. What an honor it is to serve the Lord with you!

  • June's Testimony

    Recently one of our area high school coaches shared that a 5th period student told him in front of the class that he hated he missed FCA that morning. Then the student asked “What did y’all talk about?” The coach said “Hell.” The student asked “What about Hell?” Then a class discussion evolved. 

    Three days later the student approached the coach saying that he didn’t want to go to hell and spend eternity separated from God. The coach asked him if he would be interested in coming by during lunch to learn how he could avoid that happening. The student showed up and the coach read from Romans; stopping after each one for the student to explain its meaning. The coach reasoned that if the Holy Spirit was truly dealing with the boy, he would be able to explain the truth. And that is exactly what happened; the student explained the truth of each verse, then surrendered his life to Christ!

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